Change is A-Comin’!

I’ve figured out what my LEAST favorite thing about weight loss surgery is.

Nope. Not the fact that a gulp of water rather tha a sip makes me nauseous. Not the fact that sugar makes me sick. Not the fact that I need lean protein, but protein shakes make me want to smack people.

I can’t buy clothes. And this? This SERIOUSLY annoys me. I mean, I could buy clothes….but the ones I have are becoming increasingly large day by day, and I can’t afford to keep buying new clothes. I am trying to ride it out until I have NOTHING to wear. I have purchased three dresses since surgery, and they have all been smaller. So I don’t really feel bad. Plus, they were SUPER discounted.

But jeans? I have diaper butt in every pair I own. I walk around with my pants sagging like a gang member. Not cute! Dresses….they’re usually pretty appropriate, but seeing as I have a penchant for purchasing patterns, its becoming increasingly difficult to rotate what I own without being a repeat outfit offender. Mind you, I am the girl who had enough in her closet( and in her dresser, and on her floor, and in several rubbermaid containers) to not repeat an outfit for a month at LEAST. And even then, that was mainly just because, well, I really like that outfit!

Now, I have to resort to constantly buying shoes, accessories, and hair dye to satisfy my urge for change. Which brings us to my latest venture: A BANGIN’ haircut. And yes, I totally took advantage of the opportunity for a play on words. 🙂

My friend, Candace Givens, has been doing my hair since I met her in 2006. When I decided I wanted an edgy do, and some bangs? I knew she was my girl. She is precise, efficient, and when it comes to my hair, I can always count on her being an utter perfectionist. Not only did she give me the best deep conditioning treatment on the planet, but she gave me a FIERCE cut, and gave me the bangs I was dreaming about.

This is what LOVE looks like!


Next time, we are going to change up the color, and make some magic happen.

So, moral of the story: There is always a way to change up your look. You just have to be creative, and be BRAVE. Me, personally? Not many people I would have trusted for assistance on this part of the journey. But if you are in the San Diego area, you should TOTALLY see Candace in Rancho Bernardo for all of your hair needs. My facebook photos over the years can totally work as a small portion of her portfolio. Also, you can find her on FaceBook.!/candace.givens. Don’t be shy. She is AWESOME when it comes to answering your questions, and that girl does her research, to make sure you end up with the look you had in mind. She also has creative, and ridiculously chic ideas for those who are open to ideas. WARNING: Be ready to be obsessed with your hair after!

Next? I think I’m gonna channel my inner Hollywood Starlet circa 1955, and change up the makeup style. I find myself making more of an effort to wake up in time to actually GET READY in the morning.

Also…I buy shoes. Sparkly shoes, animal print shoes, sky high, brightly colored shoes…. But don’t tell anyone.

Til next time, dolls!

I almost don't recognize myself!


One thought on “Change is A-Comin’!

  1. cloudn9ne101 says:

    I freakin love your blog missy!!!!!! You’re totally awesome and I have been on and off of wordpress for forever and a day and haven’t said anything in ages buuuut back to you….I love the fact that you are sharing your experiences because TRUST you are not alone in this journey and there are people out there looking for someone they can relate to during a similar experience. I’m tellin you that you need to have your show and when that does happen, because it will, I will be one of your guest speakers ANNNNND when your book drops I will be buying my copy and waiting for the signature while we head out for drinks to celebrate!!!!! Miss you mucho!!!!! LIke serisouly I don’t know when Ebster and I will make it out there to visit but it HAS to be soon because it’s been ridiculously FOREVERRRRRRR!!!!

    **Stay Blessed and keep sharing your love for life**


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