23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24….

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a slight obsession with list-making.

I make lists in my head, lists on my phone, lists in composition books, lists in journals, lists on post-its….it’s sheer insanity!!

My newest venture is my “23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24” list. It’s definitely more fun to make than a grocery list, or home needs list, etc. Although, don’t get me wrong….planning what kind of window treatments and room decor I want is fun!

So, here it is. Let’s see how much I can actually get done. I’ll revisit the list on my birthday next year, and hopefully I won’t have missed anything!

1. Get 100 “likes” for SeeSondraSlim!

2. Lose 100 lbs (90 down….shouldn’t be a problem!)

3. Visit Sherrell in Georgia.

4. Book my pin-up style photo shoot with Boudoir Photography in SD (November 8th, even sprung for hair and makeup. Go hard, or go home, right?!?!)

5. Get a car. Cars make getting lists done WAY easier.

6. Get a new job.

7. Get bangs

8. Go blonde, or accomplish this fierce ombre hair color Candace and I have been perusing.

9. Deep sea fishing (Alex won’t let this NOT happen.)

10. Go to Universal Studios for the first time.

11. Attend an R ‘n’ B concert.

12. Go on a date with someone I actually like.

13. Start a SeeSondraSlim facebook fan page (I could do this today. In fact, I just might. But without a lot of subscribers, I’m terrified I’ll have no fans. Lol.)

14. Start writing my book (“How Disney Ruined My Perception of Reality” is in the front running for a title.)

15. Do more community service. I love helping people. I love the feeling it gives me…but I am not diligent enough about finding opportunities to help.

16. Cut some rather unnecessary people out of my life….for good, this time.

17. Buy a new laptop…one that behaves itself, has more memory, and has a webcam

18. Start my own YouTube channel. You think my writing is funny? Wait until you see the coordinating facial expressions. Hot mess!

19. Make calling my Mom, Aunt, and Grandma a weekly habit.

20. Buy a bra at Victoria’s Secret without having to order it online. (Goodbye 42DD. I’ll miss you.)

21. Go bungee jumping with Alex. I am justifying this because there is like, a 4 mile hike to even get to the bungee jumping….but I’m terrified.

22. Be on “Let’s Make a Deal” or “The Price is Right”

23.  Learn at least ONE of those crazy line dances at InCahoots! I don’t wanna two-step with hotties every time! (Wait…what am I saying?)

As you see, I’m a simple girl. And I feel that the majority of these tasks can be completed before March 1st, 2012. That gives me like, 6 months, right?!?! So, if anyone is down to take an adventure or two with me, don’t be afraid to let me know! We can make it happen!

’til then, I should probably get back to work!! Love you all!


Change is A-Comin’!

I’ve figured out what my LEAST favorite thing about weight loss surgery is.

Nope. Not the fact that a gulp of water rather tha a sip makes me nauseous. Not the fact that sugar makes me sick. Not the fact that I need lean protein, but protein shakes make me want to smack people.

I can’t buy clothes. And this? This SERIOUSLY annoys me. I mean, I could buy clothes….but the ones I have are becoming increasingly large day by day, and I can’t afford to keep buying new clothes. I am trying to ride it out until I have NOTHING to wear. I have purchased three dresses since surgery, and they have all been smaller. So I don’t really feel bad. Plus, they were SUPER discounted.

But jeans? I have diaper butt in every pair I own. I walk around with my pants sagging like a gang member. Not cute! Dresses….they’re usually pretty appropriate, but seeing as I have a penchant for purchasing patterns, its becoming increasingly difficult to rotate what I own without being a repeat outfit offender. Mind you, I am the girl who had enough in her closet( and in her dresser, and on her floor, and in several rubbermaid containers) to not repeat an outfit for a month at LEAST. And even then, that was mainly just because, well, I really like that outfit!

Now, I have to resort to constantly buying shoes, accessories, and hair dye to satisfy my urge for change. Which brings us to my latest venture: A BANGIN’ haircut. And yes, I totally took advantage of the opportunity for a play on words. 🙂

My friend, Candace Givens, has been doing my hair since I met her in 2006. When I decided I wanted an edgy do, and some bangs? I knew she was my girl. She is precise, efficient, and when it comes to my hair, I can always count on her being an utter perfectionist. Not only did she give me the best deep conditioning treatment on the planet, but she gave me a FIERCE cut, and gave me the bangs I was dreaming about.

This is what LOVE looks like!


Next time, we are going to change up the color, and make some magic happen.

So, moral of the story: There is always a way to change up your look. You just have to be creative, and be BRAVE. Me, personally? Not many people I would have trusted for assistance on this part of the journey. But if you are in the San Diego area, you should TOTALLY see Candace in Rancho Bernardo for all of your hair needs. My facebook photos over the years can totally work as a small portion of her portfolio. Also, you can find her on FaceBook. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/candace.givens. Don’t be shy. She is AWESOME when it comes to answering your questions, and that girl does her research, to make sure you end up with the look you had in mind. She also has creative, and ridiculously chic ideas for those who are open to ideas. WARNING: Be ready to be obsessed with your hair after!

Next? I think I’m gonna channel my inner Hollywood Starlet circa 1955, and change up the makeup style. I find myself making more of an effort to wake up in time to actually GET READY in the morning.

Also…I buy shoes. Sparkly shoes, animal print shoes, sky high, brightly colored shoes…. But don’t tell anyone.

Til next time, dolls!

I almost don't recognize myself!


Playlist of the Week!

Let’s face it. A good workout is only TRULY complete when you have a good playlist. Songs that amp you up, help you keep an energetic pace, and maybe a song or two to help you cool down and get your heart rate back on track.

This week? I’ve got a KILLER selection of songs that kept me juiced on that elliptical last night! Just thought I would share, in the event that anyone is interested in switching things up. Please comment, and give me some of your faves too! I do NOT discriminate when it comes to music! And I loves me a good workout song!

“Sondra’s Skinny B*tch Playlist”

I’m the Best-Nikki Minaj

Tonight, Tonight-Hot Chelle Rae

Upgrade You-Beyonce and Jigga

No Hands- Waka Flaka Flame ft. Roscoe Dash and Wale

We’ll Be Alright-Travie McCoy

Drop It Like It’s Hot Freestyle- Lil’  Wayne

Welcome to the Jungle- Guns n’ Roses

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)- Katy Perry

SuperBass- Nikki Minaj

Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson

Fancy-Drake ft. T.I and Swizz Beatz

Work It Man- Kelly Rowland

These are just a FEW of my latest favorites at the gym! They keep my heart rate up there, and they make the time go sooooo fast!

And let’s face it, after the first half of the run, you need something to keep you going (other than the hot guy next to you, and trying to impress him with your “strongs”).

Speaking of which!! Thursday night at the gym I ran into a guy I know from awhile back, when I went to Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga. He ended up moving back to Philadelphia, and then for SOME reason he turns up at the 24 Hour Fitness in Vista. Why? Because he is “visiting a friend in San Marcos.” Now, riddle me this. How is it that since moving to San Marcos, I’ve met cashiers at Ralph’s who are from Rancho Cucamonga, I have a coworker from Rancho, and now this?!?! Really? I am just minding my own business, trying not to dance to “No Hands” while simultaneously running on the eliptical (because that whole “Look Ma, no hands!” part really gets me all hyped up and I want to dance, but I don’t want to faceplant, you know?), and then someone taps me on the shoulder and scares the crap out of me. And THEN, I turn around, and realize that it’s him, and figure it must be his look-alike (but I mean, he has a gold tooth. It’s kind of a dead giveaway), but then he says it: “What are YOU doing here, Shawty.” Oh my. It’s amazing what a good looking guy can get away with. I’m not short….I don’t know why he insists on calling me that. And so me, in all my sweaty and breathless glory, I just give him a look that says “Clearly, bozo, I am working out.” and say “(flirty breathless laugh)What are yoooou doing here?(sweaty smile)” After all, I am not the one who moved back to Philly, right?

Numbers were exchanged, and then he let me get back to my workout. Told me I looked good, and I told him the same. And then, I had to go ahead and stick my headphones back in, and start my dang song over. Because, gosh darn it, I’m on a MISSION here. I don’t have time for boys with glistening, muscle-clad arms and nice abs! I have a Sports Illustrated cover to condition for, dang it!

Lol. Pray for me.


My First Product Review!!!!


So, I am currently obsessed with finding products that  are not only weight loss surgery friendly….but products that are CUTE. I, when in middle school, was OBSESSED with “cute foods.” I literally made a list of foods that I could eat in front of people without looking unladylike. Now, I have my crew bringing me turkey sandwiches and I eat them in front of a table full of men. I never claimed to make any sense. I never claimed to stay on subject either….MOVING ON!

After surgery, I don’t really have the capacity for any simple carbs like pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, etc. I take just a few bites and feel overwhelmingly FULL. I hate to waste precious stomach space, especially when protein is CRUCIAL right now.

So, I walk into Target post-workout with Alex last week, and what do I find? These little gems right here!

Itsy Bitsy Pockets! $1.99 for 10 pockets of amazing!

Now, as if their cute factor wasn’t enough? Peep the Nutritional Facts:

Not too shabby! Great for anyone, post-op or not!

And then, of course, you always need an action shot 🙂

Olive oil mayo, mustard, two slices of lean turkey, half a slice of mozzarella, tomato, and spinach. YUM! 🙂

Let’s face it. These perfect little pockets would be great for kids’ lunches, breaktime snacks, parties, get togethers, book clubs, work potlucks, and post-op diets alike! It’s a great and easy way for me to get a little bit of carb-age in, and also a good source of whole grains! Gotta love it!! Check out http://kangaroobrands.com/ for more info on Itsy Bitsy pockets, and more awesome products! It’s a great way to see what local retailers carry them!

So, that’s that! Better go and get you some!

P.S. If you haven’t already, you should totally click on that “Heck Yes!” over there, where it asks if you want to subscribe to my blog. I started my “23 Things to Do Before I Turn 24” list today, and having 100 blog subscribers for this blog is on the list! Help a girl out! 🙂


….All You’re Ever Gonna Be is Mean!

Today was my six week post-op appointment, and guess who gets to get her butt back in the gym? ME!!

That was pretty much the best news EVER! I am soooo beyond excited to get back on the stationary bikes, eliptical, and to kick some butt in Zumba class! WOO! Maybe, when my butt is smaller, I will take a spin class! Maybe not. I don’t like small seats….and I don’t really want a small butt…..

Anyways, point is, I get to work out again! Goood times!

It’s funny, because although I keep rambling on and on about “…you’ll be sorry when I’m skinny!” I’m really just having fun. But I had a moment today where I thought to myself “Ooooh. I can’t WAIT to be skinny. Just to make a point!”

This really isn’t so bad, despite the vapid context, lol. The thing that made me feel bad about it, is that the thought was prompted by a FaceBook friend request from someone who I used to be head over heels for. A friend request that I have yet to confirm or ignore. This guy was a great friend, and I found myself infatuated with him, or who I had created him to be. I deleted him a loooooong time ago, because I didn’t want to be the crazy girl who occasionally found herself stalking his page to see what was new with him. I figured, if we weren’t on terms to where we actually SPEAK and could ASK each other what was new and how things were going, then we aren’t really friends….right? And again, I was trying not to be a STALKER! I know myself.

Now, all these months later, I have to fight with myself. I have moved on. But there is still a piece of me that is resentful, and feels like this completely unexpected situation will bring on some things I just don’t want to deal with. There is really no picking up where we left off. I felt like he hated me, and deleting him helped me deal with that. Now, I don’t know if he really thinks we are friends enough, or if he just wants to see what I am up to (there I go being vapid again, thinking I’m always the main attraction 🙂 ). Likewise, part of me doesn’t really care. I know there is nothing there to rekindle, and if there was, I am NOT interested. I do, however, like the idea of him being able to witness my progress and achievements for himself. I’m a completely different person now….with nothing to prove to some guy who isn’t really paying much attention anyways.

I always sing that Taylor Swift song, “Mean,” thinking about him, or just people in general who I feel will have a new attitude once I reach my goals. The sad reality is that people will pounce on the opportunity to approach you once you’re doing really well. But at your lowest, they ignore the fact that they aren’t quite the picture of perfect themselves, and they alienate or hurt you. Me? Someday, I’ll be better than I am now. But all that really matters to me, is that I can honestly say I’ve always tried to love everyone no matter how much I weighed, how much money I made, or how many things I achieved. I pride myself on that. I might be a LOT of things, good or bad….but I am NOT insincere.

Who kn0ws. Maybe someday, we will be able to be in the room  without him ignoring me, and me pretending I don’t realize he’s ignoring me. Or maybe, I’ll just stay here in my content little space, and say screw it. Let’s face it….if he doesn’t have facebook to keep up with me, just WAIT until he sees me in person. Then who will be the one doing the ignoring…..hmmm?!?! Lol.

Anyways….just the ramblings of a formerly infatuated, soon to be formally fat girl…who forgot what she felt and remembered what she deserved.

Love you all!

P.S. The next post will be a dooooozie! Stay tuned! ❤