So, Spring is almost here!

Being that I am a Spring Baby, I can’t deny my love for the season.

However….I am NOT a fan of Spring Cleaning. Until now, maybe!

BzzAgent has made me a very happy girl once AGAIN with the new SC Johnson Spring Cleaning Campaign.

With products from Glade, Pledge, and Scrubbing Bubbles, I am on my way to actually being EXCITED to tackle my bedroom and bathroom woes!

I actually have used the Glade scented oil candles, and love the way the scent spreads through the room. I am excited to try one of the three Spring scents in the collection. There’s “Sparkle of Spring,” “Jump for Joy,” and “Bring on the Blossoms.” Should be awesome! On top of that, I have a desk and dresser that Pledge could do wonders for…and Scrubbing Bubbles? As if the commercials weren’t enough, the stuff leaves a toilet spotless.

Glade 4 oz candles became a favorite of mine over the holiday season…amazing holiday scents, and they burn up to 22 hours! That’s up there with some of the top brands, but waaaaaaay less expensive!

This? This is going to be FUN!

If you’re not an Agent yet, maybe this will make you wanna join. Cosmetics, Smartphones, Burt’s Bee’s, and now cleaning stuff? Yeah. you know you wanna!


What the heck are you WAITING for?

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