Pink Lips….the In for Spring! :)

Yes. Pink lips. Whether fischia, watermelon, peony, or pale pink be your vice, I have got you covered! CoverGirl has continuously provided us trendy, yet financially challenged fashionistas rock the most relevant trends with amazing, quality lip color at a fab price!

The new CoverGirl Lip Perfection will actually IMPROVE the health and softness of your lips in 7 days! So not only are you the trendy, fearless girl with the pink pout, but you’re the girl that has healthy, supple, and gorgeous lips even when the color is gone! Where I’m from, we call that a Win-Win situation. 🙂

On another note…some of you may wonder how to find the pink that is perfect for you. Obviously, a nude pink on me is a no bueno, unless maybe we are talking my signature “Nymphette” from MAC Lipglass. But for my fair-skinned friends? Rock it! A nude pink is straight off the runway all the time…it’s classic! And for my brunettes with a little Katy Perry in their blood? Rock a fierce fuschia, and relive a teenage dream! 🙂 For the mixed girls in the building, a mauve or slightly purple pink or even a bright and bold watermelon really will set off your skin tone, and brighten up everything and everyone around you! For my blacker the berry girls, berry is the key! Keep the purple undertones, and make it work for you!!

Also, when pink comes into play…there are two ends of the makeup spectrum. You can make the pink lips the main focus for a day at the office, but if you’re hitting the town, don’t be afraid to play up the pink pucker-up with an equally bright and vivacious eyeliner and subtly sparkly blush. It’s about being young, gorgeous, and worth the spotlight!

You know you wanna!

Love and Lipgloss!

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