Valentine’s Day…whatev!

So, it’s almost here again.

Another year went by, and I somehow managed to alienate myself yet again from all the lovely hustle and bustle that is a RELATIONSHIP. Some say I’m crazy, but I think I’m merely talented. Lol.

Alas, I am not bitter. Actually, I kinda love V day. I love love. I love hearts. I love red and pink and white. I love candy. I love people giving me candy and cute lil cards. So it’s not such a bad deal!

This Valentines Day? I got another sweet deal up my sleeve! CoverGirl has teamed up with Facebook to help us send adorable candy heart messages to friends! And as if that wasn’t cute enough? 1,000 lucky girls will score a free Lip Perfection lipstick….one of the HOTTEST, and newest products from the CG family.

But don’t bother reading more of this…you have hearts to send!

Have a FABULOUS Valentine’s Day, and spread the LOVE!


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