You Know I’m ALL About the Trends!


If you didn’t know, I am part of a Word-of-Mouth marketing company panel that allows me to get new, exclusive products from well-known and top-of-the-line brands and services that most of us are all aware of as it is. All I have to do for this? Tell the world about it!

The newest campaign I’ve joined is the Cosmopolitan magazine campaign. I can subscribe to get Cosmo for $5 a month, and get Marie Claire every month for just $5 more!

Let’s recap.

$10= 12 months of two of the best mags ever in my mailbox! LOVE it! The other thing is, if you “like” Cosmo on Facebook, you can upload a pik, and they have the cutest virtual journey to becoming the next “Fun, Fearless Female.” It’s a pretty great idea, and lots of fun if you have some free time! Plus! There are tons of daily freebies after you’re a fan of the page. And let’s face it, Cosmo freebies are up there with the best of them!

So, to uphold my BzzAgent promise, I am sharing the Cosmo love with ya’ll!

Check it out, and hopefully you love it as much as I do!

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