Sweet Escapes…..for LESS!

Ever feel like just getting away?

You just want to get out of town for awhile. Maybe you wanna be alone, or maybe you wanna be with the girls, or the one you love. Either way, I have found a little-known travelers paradise that may interest you!

SniqueAway.com is an EXCLUSIVE, invite-only hotel site that offers only 4 and 5 star hotels at rock bottom prices. Truth is, for most people my age, it’s still too expensive…but isn’t everything??

The interesting thing about sneak away (aside from lavish accomodations that allow you to vacay like the stars without making the money they do!) is that it’s free to join….but you HAVE to be invited.

Never fear! I got your back!


There’s that. Click, and go crazy! You can at least dream about all the wonderful places we can go after I win the lottery. Or after YOU do, for that matter! You can opt in for weekly emails, daily alerts, or even alerts that let you know when spots you’ve got your eye on are dropping prices and helping you make that one romantic, luxurious night possible. You know you wanna!

Love and Lipgloss!

Sondra Jo

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