Smartphone. Free. Yes, I DID That!

BzzAgent Business, once again.

These people, I swear! They just keep giving me COOLEST free stuff, and let me go crazy telling the world about it!

One of the most recent campaigns I joined was the Windows powered HTC HD7 phone. With the largest screen on the market, it’s seriously a great phone for a phone junkie like me. It’s got netflix, a super amazing 5mp camera, and a video camera that may as well be a hand held camcorder. The Windows 7 operating system is beyond user friendly, and there is a Zune player built in. I’m in HEAVEN!

More dish on the phone that makes me wanna sing? (No, really. I make those videos you see of me singing on it!) Check it out at:

And if you wanna be a part of the BzzAgent team, and get free products of your own, just for telling people about them? Knock yourself out!

BzzAgent Badge

Don’t say I never did anything for you! 🙂

Love and Lipgloss!

Sondra Jo

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