Smartphone. Free. Yes, I DID That!

BzzAgent Business, once again.

These people, I swear! They just keep giving me COOLEST free stuff, and let me go crazy telling the world about it!

One of the most recent campaigns I joined was the Windows powered HTC HD7 phone. With the largest screen on the market, it’s seriously a great phone for a phone junkie like me. It’s got netflix, a super amazing 5mp camera, and a video camera that may as well be a hand held camcorder. The Windows 7 operating system is beyond user friendly, and there is a Zune player built in. I’m in HEAVEN!

More dish on the phone that makes me wanna sing? (No, really. I make those videos you see of me singing on it!) Check it out at:

And if you wanna be a part of the BzzAgent team, and get free products of your own, just for telling people about them? Knock yourself out!

BzzAgent Badge

Don’t say I never did anything for you! 🙂

Love and Lipgloss!

Sondra Jo

Sweet Escapes…..for LESS!

Ever feel like just getting away?

You just want to get out of town for awhile. Maybe you wanna be alone, or maybe you wanna be with the girls, or the one you love. Either way, I have found a little-known travelers paradise that may interest you! is an EXCLUSIVE, invite-only hotel site that offers only 4 and 5 star hotels at rock bottom prices. Truth is, for most people my age, it’s still too expensive…but isn’t everything??

The interesting thing about sneak away (aside from lavish accomodations that allow you to vacay like the stars without making the money they do!) is that it’s free to join….but you HAVE to be invited.

Never fear! I got your back!

There’s that. Click, and go crazy! You can at least dream about all the wonderful places we can go after I win the lottery. Or after YOU do, for that matter! You can opt in for weekly emails, daily alerts, or even alerts that let you know when spots you’ve got your eye on are dropping prices and helping you make that one romantic, luxurious night possible. You know you wanna!

Love and Lipgloss!

Sondra Jo

You Know I’m ALL About the Trends!


If you didn’t know, I am part of a Word-of-Mouth marketing company panel that allows me to get new, exclusive products from well-known and top-of-the-line brands and services that most of us are all aware of as it is. All I have to do for this? Tell the world about it!

The newest campaign I’ve joined is the Cosmopolitan magazine campaign. I can subscribe to get Cosmo for $5 a month, and get Marie Claire every month for just $5 more!

Let’s recap.

$10= 12 months of two of the best mags ever in my mailbox! LOVE it! The other thing is, if you “like” Cosmo on Facebook, you can upload a pik, and they have the cutest virtual journey to becoming the next “Fun, Fearless Female.” It’s a pretty great idea, and lots of fun if you have some free time! Plus! There are tons of daily freebies after you’re a fan of the page. And let’s face it, Cosmo freebies are up there with the best of them!

So, to uphold my BzzAgent promise, I am sharing the Cosmo love with ya’ll!

Check it out, and hopefully you love it as much as I do!