So….There is this Guy, Right?


It’s always so funny to me when girls start with that. It’s like, the ultimate trigger for your mind to secretly think “Oh, Lord. She is one of THEM. She is about to present a situation with an obvious solution here, and it’s all because of a guy. Shit.”

Well, sorry in advance. Because I know this is one of those situations. And what’s worse? I know the solution, too! But, unfortunately, I am just a lil too demure for my own good in matters of lust and love. And I mean, considering this is ME we are talking about? I gotta be demure in SOME area, right???

See, this guy….he is one in a million. It’s like having a boyfriend! Well, minus the sex, dates, presents, and all that other crap. He calls everyday just to see what you’re doing. He is concerned about how you feel, what you are up to, etc. He knows when something is off, and says “I know you’re lying. You are NOT ok. I know you too well.” He says “I love that I can say whatever I want to you, and you just shoot something back at me.”

Problem is, all the things he does NOT say. He doesn’t tell you he is interested in words. His actions say a lot, but they aren’t what you need and want to HEAR. They are just nagging proof that what you want is out of your reach. That it’s not enough for him, and he feels no nagging urge to claim you right then and there, for fear that eventually someone else will be on the other line the next time he calls.

He slowly became one of the closest friends you have, and you confide in him…but it’s not enough of an attraction and longing to make you do what it takes to excuse the fact that he has NO huevos, and won’t let you know what’s up.

So….there is this guy, right? And I can’t even like him, because “Assertive” is one of my top five “non-negotiables” in a boyfriend type.

Oh wait….he’s calling! Ttyl! [kidding. kinda.] lol.

Love you all!