,,,,Wait Til I’m in Sports Illustrated!!!

So. I have been working my butt off. Literally, almost. I’m really tryna keep the butt and just make it sit a lil higher and make it a lil firmer, because I worked hard to actually have cakes, so I don’t really want to LOSE them, you know? But it’s like, I don’t wanna not work out my butt, because it’s gotta get some exercise too….but, this is not all about my butt!

Basically, it’s about how GREAT I feel! I have been hitting the gym, eating out RARELY [and when I do, I try to make health conscious decisions. I haven’t been to McDonalds or Jack in the Box in two months!] and cooking at home pretty much every single night. Whole wheat pasta, skinless chicken breast, turkey, whole grains…the works!

It is SO nice to walk into work and hear people who have only known me a couple months telling me how great I am looking. It’s even nicer to walk into a gym and shock all the skinny people when I pedal to the metal on the bike and run like the wind on the eliptical!! I feel AMAZING. And I feel healthier.

I couldn’t feel my legs all weekend after going on a “walk” with Andrea last thursday. “Walk” in her language means running every other block and climbing hils comparable to the streets of San Francisco. And you know what? It was tough, but I DID it! I made it to every landmark she set for me, and I climbed the heck outta those hills! Red-faced, barely breathing, and wheezing like the fat asthma kid that I am!! Try climbing in and out of a Chevy tahoe all weekend after a workout like that, and see how you feel. I finally got the full use of my legs back on SUNDAY! And Monday? BACK ON THE HILLS AGAIN!!

Why, you may ask? Well….like I said. I have goals to achieve. Personally, I see myself losing that 30 lbs before the end of October. Moving forward from there, I plan to have lost 130 lbs altogether by this time next year. I am already down 29 lbs. So I basically have 100 to go, and then? I’ll be on the cover of Sports Illustrated on the beach in the bikini with the wet and sexy curls and my arms [NOT JIGGLING] all propped behind my head like I just wake up looking all Victoria’s Secret-like. That’s the vision. Lol.

Funny thing is, when you start working out…people act crazy. Dudes you haven’t spoken to just swarm out of the woodwork. Can’t keep up with your texts anymore at work, and you are constantly trying to decide who you will and won’t answer the phone for. You gotta make pros and cons lists to decide who to spend your nights or weekends with. People from the old neighborhood hit you up asking when you’re coming home to visit. It’s shenanigans, I tell you!!

I was at work today, and my coworker who actually THREW his number on my desk and asked me on a date to a brewery asked me how it is that I come to work every day with NO makeup and still look “so bomb.” and I simply replied “HA! You’re crazy! You think this is good? Wait til I’m in Sports Illustrated!” and of course, true to the way my life goes, EVERYONE in the office heard me. But no one doubted me! 🙂

Because I’m gonna do it. Or at least, they’re gonna ask me to.

Anyways! Just felt like sharing…because I really appreciate how motivating all of you have been, and I hope that some of you are motivated by me and my efforts…because ya’ll know I am not necessarily unhappy being big. But if I can do it, anyone can! Seriously! I kill myself doing those 5 miles on that bike…and hitting the eliptical and the San Francisco hills! You’re talking about a girl who used to just walk around the North End of San Bernardino with a baseball bat and an ipod…and now I BIKE 5 miles!!!

I love you all. Hope you make it to the bbq, and hope you all are acheiving your goals and making your dreams come true!!

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