7 Pounds…

….I’m not Will Smith or Rosario Dawson, nor am I the star of a somewhat recent blockbuster hit. BUT…I do, in fact, know a thing or two about recently losing 7 more pounds. Grand total? 29 pounds since February.

I would be a total and terrible liar if I said I am not ridiculously proud of myself. But I can’t help but be a little perturbed by the fact that I cannot SEE the difference as I imagined a 29 pound loss. Now, I look at myself everyday. And it’s no secret that I have some severely narcissistic tendencies. So I look at myself not just daily, but like, 40,000 times a day! Seriously, I walk past any reflective surface, and check myself out. So vain, I swear!

Gratefully, people I haven’t seen in awhile or people who comment on my photos are constantly encouraging me and telling me the differences that they see. That is serious sustenance, because without that, I probably would have accepted hitting a plateau, stayed out of the gym, and been steady chilling eating some potato chips and a cup of noodles for dinner! I’ve been cooking healthy meals almost every night, ignoring the donuts, bagels and pizza that my job provides on a weekly basis. I joined a very cute new gym where I can tan and workout [I mean, work out and THEN tan!]. I do at LEAST 5 miles every time I am there. I got over my fear and loathing for exercise bikes and started putting the pedal to the metal. I go to the personal training sessions they offer, and deal with things like my trainer saying “Oh, you’re pretty quick for a big one aren’t ya?!?!” Sigh. Yes sir! I sure am! And you should see me on that eliptical in a room full of skinny people. I go faster and faster, and they look more and more worried. LOL! It’s pure comedy. And more than anything? It inspires me to JUST. KEEP. GOING.

Such is life. You just have to KEEP GOING. No matter what happens, who is watching, how many times you fall, or how many people think you CAN’T do it. They have another thing coming…because Sondra Jo is the toughest critic she has!!! Nobody is harder on me than myself!

There are so many reasons to do this. But the most important is proving to myself that all hope isn’t gone. I can’t accept that just because I’ve always been this way, that I always have to be.

Thanks and serious love to those who have been so amazingly inspirational and constantly, unwaveringly supportive. It means truly everything to me!

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