The Biggest Skinny Girl!


I’ve been on this quest to lose weight for quite some years now. I’ve upped my activity, and lowered my calorie intake. I’ve walked, jogged, ran[in the dark, so folks won’t see me jiggle], and taken alli, B12 shots, fat blockers, and on and on it goes.

It’s time to take some real action. No quick fixes, but an OVERALL lifestyle change. My inspirational friend Sarah used to weigh 317 lbs. She easily weighs less than 150 now, and she is going to help me achieve my weight goals. Tomorrow, I go for our first weigh in, complete with before photos [a la Biggest Loser], measurements, and her dispensing tons of goodies like a journal, charts, nutritional guidelines, activity plans, etc.

For a girl like me, anything that involves office supplies is considered goodies. Hence, why it is not fair that I have to be the fat girl! Lol. I will be joining the local gym that is RIGHT DOWN THE STREET this weekend[$24 gets you membership to all three locations, and unlimited tanning and massage bed priveleges PLUS group training sessions!]. I am going to start constructing dream boards, and put motivational photos and phrases/words all over my mirror/room. I am also going to post my “Before” pictures here on this blog, and we will track my progress. By obligating myself to share my stats with the world [even if no one really reads this, lol], I am challenging myself to make it HAPPEN!

Starting today, I will post weekly with photos, measurements, journal excerpts, healthy recipes, and gym updates. The first entry to follow this one, will be about my goals, and things I want to do once I reach my goal of 30 pounds. The aim is to lose it by September…but I’ll be happy to lose it before the end of the year, period. I’ve already lost 22 pounds this year….let’s make it 52, and be in the game!!

This should be quite a journey. And hopefully, it turns out to be a fun one!!

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