Sondra Meets mark.

…..and they live happily ever after!

Lol. No, but really tho? I began selling mark. cosmetics recently [stay tuned for the seperate blog I plan to start for my endeavor. You know I’m the P. Diddy of the Recessionistas.] and I LOVE the product. It was such an easy start-up, and it’s a perfect fit for me. Because it focuses on cosmetics, skincare, and apparel/accessories, it makes all of those magazine subscriptions and retail/makeup artist/skincare consultant jobs TOTALLY worth it. Haha! Who knew?

I am hosting my first mark. party on March 20th, and I have all kinds of fab ideas to keep the ladies laughing, and lipglossing! Cupcake bar, citrus sangria, mini facials and makeovers…it’s gonna be an event to remember…and hopefully? A MONEYMAKER!

I’m starting small, showcasing samples of top products, and showing the girls how I perfected the five minute face…even if I’m using 3 eyeshadows, a blush, mascara, lipstick, and the occasional tinted moisturizer. It should really be informative, and help them see that being fab and flirty this spring is just a few tips and tricks away from their fingertips!

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome…I know these girls better show up. If they don’t, they’ll miss out on some ridiculously amazing swag bags and raffle prizes!

I created a new concept with the newest limited edition spring shades, inspired by the new Citrus Bloom fragrance. I call it “Spring Fling”…peep the piks!

How did I do it, you may ask?

iMark eyeshadows [$5 each!]: stellar[yellow-gold, line inner corners and lashlines about 1/3 in], Lotus[lavender, line remaining lids and wing slightly out on outer corners], LuvStruck [pink, in crease, blended slightly into browbone.]
Make It Big Mascara[$7!!] in Raven[2 coats does the trick!]
Good Glowing Custom Pick Powder Blush[$7!!!!] in Cameo Glow [smile, and apply a light dusting to just the apples of your cheeks. Its peachy with just a hint of shimmer to make you look fab..not, tacky!]
Dew Drenched Moisturlicious LipColor[$6!!] in Watermelon
Face? I just used a light coat of Get a Tint tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 in my shade, which is Almond.

Love and Lipgloss!
Sondra Jo

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