Insomnia strikes again. Lucky you!

I guess I am just writing because I can. And because I have decided that I need to really dedicate myself to this endeavor. I am funny. I can write. I am talented. I am interesting. And you? You are bored, and you LOVE ME. So, yeah!

I just finished dancing around my room to “Ego” by Beyonce, and “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey. I feel like such a superstar! My celebrity fashion picks for the morning? Well, I am rocking the plum old navy yoga capris, a super comfy cotton gap white tee, and some Sigerson Morrison pumps. Yes. It is true what they say…I am FIERCE! Not Sasha….Fierce. But Sondra….FIERCE! Beyonce is a bit sketchy to me at times…but I can’t help but like her, or her catchy songs. She is talented…even if some choose not to think so. She still has more money than all of us, so talking mess about her doesn’t really make it any bettter, now does it?

Notice how I throw Sigerson Morrison’s name like I have money? Like I can afford his $359 FLATS, let alone pumps? Well, see, that is because I got Sigerson Morrison for Target pumps. On clearance, at that! I believe they were forty bucks, and I paid ten. Why, might you ask? Because I am a freaking Shopping Thug! I can go in any store, locate amazing merchandise, at an even more amazing price, and rock it like it costs more than a million dollars just to get me out of bed every morning! I wish that was truly the case. It’s not. I actually have $19 dollars to last me until my next paycheck…in two weeks. Dang cell phone and college bills!

Speaking of clearance…when did middle class America get so freaking Bougeousie?!?! People act like things aren’t as good if they are on sale…that’s B.S!I bought a fabulous Bisou bisou maxi dress…its pink and coral ombre with some yellow tones in there, with braided straps…too fab for regular daytime wear, but perfection as far as a date or yacht function is concerned[Yes. I have made up my mind I will be attending another yacht function…and bought that dress for when I do, at that!]. And you know, I showed it to a friend, and she LOVED it…until I told her I bought it for 50% of the original price. Let’s recap:I got a BISOU BISOU MAXI DRESS for HALF OFF, and she LOVED IT…until I told her I did NOT PAY FULL PRICE FOR IT. Ahem. Brings a new meaning to the term “Crazy B word,” yes? At my store, we markdown items about two months after they come out, if we even wait that long. They are a season ahead of trend, in theory, and here in Sunny California…you know, trends are fly by night, but we [all the REAL women and men who like to put their best fashion foot forward, that is] will find a way to work the items we can afford. Especially us poor college folk. So, next time you turn your nose up at the sale rack, and act like the clearance rack is equivalent to rubbing the actual Swine Flu virus in your right nostril? Think about every time you told me how much you liked what I was wearing! Because I never buy anything full price. I am too broke. And even if I wasn’t? I still wouldn’t, because no matter how much I love fashion? It’ll change in the blink of an eye!

Oh…back to the Beyonce song? Let’s take the chorus of “Ego” and add a Miss Jo spin to it, shall we? “It’s too big. It’s too wide. It’s too strong. It won’t fit. It’s too much. It’s too tough. I talk like this, ‘cuz I can back it up! I got a big….BOOTY!” Hahaha….I secretly have been saying that in my head all this time…but I feel sharing it with the world will give them some of the joy I feel everytime I sing it out loud in my room. If you are so bold as to dance around your room in yoga pants to it, you will know what true bliss feels like. Ahhh….thank you Jesus! Small blessings….amen!

Now then. Next order of business. I was extremely blessed recently with a vehicle. My Other Mother made a way for me to have her old car, and I am super excited, because school is about to start, and I have work things to worry about…and a car will make life soooo much easier! Ahhh! I keep seeing the car everywhere now…I feel like I am part of some secret Dodge Caravan club…even though I don’t even have the car in my possession. I haven’t even SEEN the car since 2007. LOL. She told me I can have it, and I didn’t even go LOOK at it. Because you know what? I am THAT freakin excited. I researched smog checks. And Oil changes. I have an email folder specifically for auto insurance quotes I have been requesting! I even found myself being intrigued by Window Tinting Ads today…even though I am NOT getting the windows tinted! I have a list on my headboard of websites for all of the companies and coupons I have to get together for my next check to get this car business underway! How freaking nuts am I? The funniest part? I am going to be rolling in a minivan…proving Sherissa right when she said I always look like a Soccer Mom. Toooo funny. I am so grateful. And joyful. And blessed. And broke. Lol.

Ok. Ego is playing on Itunes. I think Ima dance ONCE MORE tonight…I mean, come on! I still have the heels on and everything! Maybe I can tire myself out and get some sleep before I have to be at work in approximately 9 hours. YAY me!

Happy Saturday people!

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